Breathing new life into Baltimore neighborhoods

Neighborhood revitalization efforts are typically focused on restoring aging homes and initiating beautification projects. But revitalization can manifest in many forms. ACDC Baltimore focuses on the revitalization of the people who are a part of the community including food insecurity, job placement, economic opportunities as well as beautification and restoration.

Food Insecurity

Job Placement

Affordable Housing


Historical Preservation

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ACDC Baltimore is working toward sponsoring projects like these that not only beautify but stimulate economic growth and increase property values. They are not looking to gentrify, they want to revitalize! The advantages to implementing projects like these go far beyond the beauty they provide. Restoring older buildings and homes if far less expensive than building new structures. And preserving the architectural integrity of these homes maintains the historical character of the neighborhood. These types of projects have been very successful in other parts of the country and ACDC Baltimore wants to bring that success to our city.

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